Barbara Keddy: the Story of a Heart Attack…

by Dr. Stephen Parker (Article selection and Commentary) on May 26, 2013

“January 19, 2013: On a bitterly cold night, I awoke at 1:10 a.m. feeling very strange, a sensation I can’t explain, followed almost immediately with a crushing pain in my back and chest. I woke my husband, Milt, and told him I was having a heart attack. He didn’t believe me, said it was a panic attack and to take deep breaths. I broke out in a cold sweat, begging him to call 911. He was not convinced by my symptoms until I said:

“I’m dying. If you don’t call 911, I will die.”

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Dr. Keddy is the author of  Women and Fibromyalgia: Living With an Invisible Dis-Ease

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