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Magnesium symbol heart disease

Magnesium and Heart Disease

A decade-long study that reviewed cardiovascular disease research extending over more than 70 years found low magnesium levels contributed more to heart disease than did cholesterol or even saturated fat. Magnesium and Heart Disease: What’s the Link? –Juliann Schaeffer –Today’s Geriatric Medicine –Vol. 6 No. 3 P. 30 Many physicians are accustomed to advising patients newly diagnosed with heart disease to lay off the cholesterol-laden salami on sandwiches and steer clear of full-fat dairy items loaded with saturated fat. But… Keep Reading

FIsh oil and the heart

Fish Oil Supplements Provide Benefit After Heart Attack, Heart Failure

Omega-3 fish oil supplements do not prevent a second heart attack, but taking about a gram a day could reduce deaths from coronary heart disease and sudden cardiac death by about 10 percent. Source: American Heart Association News March 13, 2017 Omega-3 fish oil supplements may slightly lower the risk of dying after heart failure or a recent heart attack, but they don’t prevent heart disease, says an advisory issued Monday by the American Heart Association. About 18.8 million adults… Keep Reading

Supplement: Hawthorne Extract

Hawthorn extract may be used as an oral treatment option for chronic heart failure Hawthorn extract (made from the dried leaves, flowers and fruits of the hawthorn bush) may be used as an oral treatment option for chronic heart failure. In this review, 14 double-blind, placebo controlled randomised clinical trials (RCTs) were found. They did not all measure the same outcomes and several did not explain what other heart failure treatments patients were receiving. Those trials that could be included… Keep Reading

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