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Depression Increases Risk Factors After a Heart Attack

One study found that the risk of death in heart attack survivors with depression was three times that of those without depression. –From Harvard Heart Letter –November, 2016– Depression and heart disease: A two-way street All people have days when they feel sad, gloomy, or down in the dumps. But if those feelings last for weeks and you gradually stop feeling hopeful or happy about anything in your life, you may have depression. Like heart disease, depression is common, so… Keep Reading

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Depression and Cardiovascular Disease: a Clinical Review

From the European Heart Journal –Abstract– Cardiovascular disease (CVD) and depression are common. Patients with CVD have more depression than the general population. Persons with depression are more likely to eventually develop CVD and also have a higher mortality rate than the general population. Patients with CVD, who are also depressed, have a worse outcome than those patients who are not depressed. There is a graded relationship: the more severe the depression, the higher the subsequent risk of mortality and… Keep Reading

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