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Image and description of atrial fibrilllation

“The Thirteen Things I Tell Afib Patients”

  Atrial fibrillation isn’t immediately life-threatening, though it feels so. Source:  Dr. John M. From Dr. John Mandrola: Here are 13 things I tell AF patients. I am sorry that you have AF. Welcome to the club, there are many members. (Six million Americans and counting.) I know how it feels. Your fatigue, shortness of breath and uneasiness in the chest are most likely related to your AF. AF may pass without treatment. Important new work suggests AF is modifiable with lifestyle… Keep Reading

Blog Review: My Heart Sisters, by Carolyn Thomas

“BEST HEART BLOG ON THE WEB!” ♥ For women living with heart disease, from the unique perspective of CAROLYN THOMAS, a Mayo Clinic-trained women’s health advocate, heart attack survivor, blogger, author, speaker here on the west coast of Canada ♥ Information for the general public, heart patients or their family members, health professionals, and all students of the heart ♥ Independent and utterly self-funded Keep Reading

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