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High Intensity Interval Training in Aging Men Improves Cardiac Function

Background This study examined a programme of pre-conditioning exercise with subsequent high intensity interval training (HIIT) on blood pressure, echocardiography, cardiac strain mechanics and maximal metabolic (MET) capacity in sedentary (SED) aging men compared with age matched masters athletes (LEX). Conclusions A programme of preconditioning exercise with HIIT induces clinically relevant improvements in blood pressure, rate pressure product and encourages recovery of heart rate reserve in SED, while improving maximal MET capacity in both SED and LEX without inducing any…

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Blood Pressure Targets for Hypertension in Older Adults

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Review question What is the optimal blood pressure (BP) target when treating older adults with high blood pressure? Background Elevated BP in older adults is common and higher pressures increase the risk of adverse health events such as stroke, heart attack, heart failure, and death. Lowering BP with drugs has been shown to reduce the risk of these serious health events but the optimal BP target when treating older adults is not known. Study characteristics We systematically retrieved all randomised…

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