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Changes in Heart Rate Over Time and Cardiovascular Risk

When only considering the most recent heart rate, every five-BPM increase was linked to a 14 percent higher risk of all-cause mortality and a 17 percent higher risk of incident heart failure.   Cardiovascular Business –Daniel Allar –Jan 25, 2018–   Changes in heart rate over time correlate with cardiovascular risk Increases in heart rate over time signal a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and death, supporting the use of serial monitoring in clinical practice, researchers reported in JAMA Cardiology. Ali… Keep Reading


Early Baldness as a Risk Factor in Heart Disease

  Men with the heart condition were more likely to have gone prematurely grey – 50% compared with 30% of the healthy group – more than five times the risk of the control group.   BBC –Ian Westbrook  –November 39, 2017–   Early baldness higher heart disease risk factor than obesity, says study Male pattern baldness and premature greying are more of a risk factor for heart disease than obesity in men under 40, new research suggests. A study of… Keep Reading

Pain Killers nsaid heart attack risk

Pain Killers and Heart Attack Risk

Compared with people who didn’t take NSAIDs, those who did had 20% to 50% higher odds of having a heart attack while taking the drugs. Harvard Heart Letter August, 2017 Heart attack risk may rise within a week of taking daily high doses of certain over-the-counter pain relievers, according to a new study. Previous research has linked the use of pain relievers known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to a heightened risk of heart attack. The new report, published in… Keep Reading

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Heart Attack Risk Increases with Respiratory Infections

The risk of having a heart attack is 17 times higher in the seven days following a respiratory infection. Science Daily May 15, 2017 Heart attack risk increases 17-fold following respiratory infections The risk of having a heart attack is 17 times higher in the seven days following a respiratory infection, research has found. The increased risk peaks in the first 7 days and gradually reduces but remains elevated for one month. Published in Internal Medicine Journal, this is the… Keep Reading

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Anger, Heart Attack and Strokes

Although the risk of experiencing an acute cardiovascular event with any single outburst of anger is relatively low, the risk can accumulate for people with frequent episodes of anger. Harvard School of Public Health March, 2014 Angry outbursts appear to boost heart attack, stroke risk People who have angry outbursts appear to be at increased risk of heart attack or stroke, especially within the first two hours of an outburst, according to a study by Harvard School of Public Health… Keep Reading

green tea may be cardioprotective

Green Tea May Lower Heart Disease Risk

A study of 40,530 Japanese adults found that participants who drank more than five cups of green tea a day had a 26% lower risk of death from heart attack or stroke [Note that correlation is not cause and effect; tea drinkers may have other characteristics that are cardioprotective] Harvard Heart Letter December, 2012 Lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease may be as easy as drinking green tea. Studies suggest this light, aromatic tea may lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides,… Keep Reading

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