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Should I take Aspirin and Xarelto at the Same Time?

  Dr. Parker’s Commentary As someone on essentially life-long Xarelto, it seemed important to know if I also should continue taking aspirin.  None of the physicians I saw brought up the issue.   (“Don’t assume that what you have been told is all you need to know.”) There are different opinions on  whether one should discontinue aspirin while on an anti-coagulant, although Australia National Heart Foundation recommends discontinuation of aspirin and other NSAIDS. As usual, the recommendation is to read and…

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The Dangers of Stopping Daily Aspirin

In long-term users, discontinuation of low-dose aspirin in the absence of major surgery or bleeding was associated with a >30% increased risk of cardiovascular events.   -American Heart Association –September 27, 2017– The Risks of Stopping Low Dose Aspirin For heart attack survivors and people at high risk for one, a low-dose aspirin is part of the daily routine to prevent a heart attack or stroke. But for those who don’t stick to that routine, the rate of heart attacks, strokes…

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What Should I Know After a Heart Attack

Do not assume that what you’ve been told is all you need to know.   Society for Participatory Medicine David Lee Scher, M.D   Five Things to Know After Your Heart Attack These five points are important because they address the seriousness of a heart attack. Feeling better after a heart attack is an experience all are grateful for. However, the journey as a cardiac patient is just beginning and knowledge is a powerful tool to have. An engaged and…

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Should You Take a Statin if You are over 75?

  Shared  physician and patient decision-making should occur irrespective of age when a statin is prescribed. The Skeptical Cardiologist –January 27, 2018– Should You Take a Statin if You Are over 75?: The Value of Derisking in the Elderly  The New York Times published an article earlier this month with the provocative title “You’re Over 75, and You’re Healthy. Why Are You Taking a Statin?” It’s actually a balanced presentation of this difficult question (although it includes the seemingly obligatory anecdote of…

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Heart Meds: Risks versus Benefits –Debra Witt –June 15, 2016– The Top 8 Heart Meds: Risks Vs. Benefits If your doc prescribes a heart medication that makes you feel worse, call your doctor, but don’t stop taking it – yet. Here’s what you need to know. Prescription heart medications are so common — millions of Americans currently take at least 1 to treat everything from high blood pressure and high cholesterol to heart failure and stroke — that it’s easy for doctors and patients…

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Recommended Website: MedShadow

  We encourage our readers to avoid blind acceptance of prescription drugs and become an engaged advocate in their own health and well-being. Remember: Your health is in your hands.   About MedShadow Foundation Prescription drugs are a part of everyday life for millions of Americans who spent in excess of $329 billion on these medicines in 2013, an increase of 3.2% over the previous year. The pharmaceutical industry spent $3.8 billion in marketing these medications to doctors…

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