Can Art Be Medicine? — A Short Film —

From the Foundation for Art and Healing

Can Art be Medicine?

Whether through expressive writing, music, movement or visual media, all the arts are able to change people’s perspectives, moods, relationships and overall health. As we study the science of creative expression as a path to healing, and put it into action through our initiatives, we also work toward broadening awareness of the power of art to discover, explore and share what is most important to us as individuals and ultimately through that process, to heal. In that spirit, we offer real stories of hope, healing, and possibility to engage both those who seek health, and those who seek to help.

(Dr. Parker’s Comments:  This is a well crafted four minute film, that helps put art and medicine in perspective.   Includes material from a young women with a heart transplant and a Veteran.)


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Dr. Parker is a 68 year old heart attack survivor and cardiac psychologist.He is an Honors graduate of Stanford University with forty years of clinical experience. Dr. Parker is available for consultation on heart matters. Contact him at heartcurrents(at)