Heart Healthy Habits: Doctors

Heart Healthy Habits of Physicians heartcurewnts



45 Things Doctors Do to Protect Their Own Hearts


“I get 8 hours of sleep a night, every night.”

“I schedule exercise.” 

“I eat a Mediterranean diet.” 

“I make time for my friends and loved ones.”

“I meditate.”

“I respect the power of blood pressure.”

“I take care of my teeth”

 “I keep a gratitude journal.”

“I spend time in outdoors, in nature.”


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Dr. Parker’s Commentary

As I was researching “heart healthy habits,” I came across this article from Reader’s Digest. 

To my surprise, I found it quite interesting — perhaps both because it was fairly simple and straightforward, and because it was along the lines of “Physician Heal Thyself.”

Note that in the extroverted culture of America, the main focus for heart health issues is external. 

None of these physicians turned to art or music for healing, nor was there any mention of some kind of spiritual practice.


Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

-Jim Ryun-




Dr. Parker is a 68 year old heart attack survivor and cardiac psychologist.He is an Honors graduate of Stanford University with forty years of clinical experience. Dr. Parker is available for consultation on heart matters. Contact him at heartcurrents(at)gmail.com.