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Beethoven, the Heart and Arrhytmias

In highly charged passages of certain pieces, the possibility of cardiac arrhythmia can lend a quite physical aspect to one’s interpretation of the music in question. These passages can seem, in an unexpectedly literal sense, to be heartfelt. Highlights Whether or not music stirs inside, each of us bears a living metronome at our core.   The human heart quietly marks the rhythm of our lives. A new study focusing on the music of Ludwig van Beethoven treats shifting musical rhythms… Keep Reading


Doing It Right: Arts Program at the University of Washington Medical Center

 Viewing and creating art, as well as listening to music, play an important role in mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.     University of Washington Welcome to the Arts Program at University of Washington Medical Center Art is everywhere in our world and art is essential. Viewing and creating art, as well as listening to music, play an important role in mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. A growing body of evidence indicates that the presence of artwork, artists… Keep Reading


Can Art Be Medicine? — A Short Film —

From the Foundation for Art and Healing Can Art be Medicine? Whether through expressive writing, music, movement or visual media, all the arts are able to change people’s perspectives, moods, relationships and overall health. As we study the science of creative expression as a path to healing, and put it into action through our initiatives, we also work toward broadening awareness of the power of art to discover, explore and share what is most important to us as individuals and… Keep Reading

Art heals cardiologist artist Paul Kolker heartcurrents

The Physician as Artist: Paul Kolker, M.D.

Dr. Kolker relates, from personal experience and through observing patients, how introducing any form of creative expression—visual arts, music, literature—enhances convalescence. Simply put, patients feel better faster. Dr. Kolker, The Physician as Artist, The Artist as Physician In this video, Paul Kolker, M.D., J.D., an accomplished cardiovascular surgeon, attorney, and noted visual artist, shares a wide array of experiences that spotlight the impact the arts have had on his medical training and career, his interactions with his cardiac patients, and… Keep Reading


Art and Healing

“The truth comes out when I’m painting,” said Parisotto.   University of California, San Francisco –Kathleen Masterson and Suzanne Leigh –December 8, 2014– The Art of Healing The idea of art as medicine dates back to antiquity, but recently the concept is drawing increasing interest from the medical and science communities. “Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m thinking until I sit down and start drawing. Then my feelings come out on paper,” said Suzuki, a teacher in remission from… Keep Reading

Depression Reduced by Art Therapy

  After ten treatments the patients who suffered from severe or moderately severe depression had shown more improvement than the patients in the control group.   Highlights Art Therapy Reduces Severe Depression  As part Dr. Christina Blomdahl’s dissertation,  43 patients with severe or moderately severe depression underwent a manual-based art therapy.  The control group consisted of 36 people who all suffered from the same medical condition. All participants were given different combinations of medication, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy and… Keep Reading

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