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Statins and Weight Gain

Individuals prescribed statin therapy for high cholesterol levels have increased their caloric intake by nearly 10% and their intake of fat by 14% over a recent 10-year period, while no changes in eating habits have been observed among statin nonusers.  Highlights Individuals prescribed a statin had a larger increase in body-mass index (BMI) than those who weren’t taking the lipid-lowering medication. Statin users were consuming an extra 192 kcal per day in 2009–2010 than they were in 1999–2000, and this… Keep Reading


Should I Weigh Myself Every Day?

Dr. Parker’s Commentary   There are numerous conflicting articles on the Web on both sides of this question about daily weighing.  When I am trying to make a decision about something, it try to review most of the articles I can about an issue and then make a decision. The problem with all advice and research findings is that it applies to the average and not to the individual.   On the average, eating whole grains is probably a good idea;… Keep Reading

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