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Five Early Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

Highlights Early Warnings Symptoms of a Heart Attack Dr. O’Keefe-McCarthy cited a number of previous studies that have suggested women tend to experience more warning symptoms compared with men. Women tend to experience less prodromal chest pain, but reported more episodes of fatigue, anxiety, and head-related symptoms such as headache or dizziness compared with their male counterparts. Dr. McSweeney and her colleagues identified the five specific prodromal symptoms that appear to be most predictive of future cardiac events: –Unusual fatigue –Discomfort in…

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Financial Stress Greatly Increases Heart Attack Risk

People who reported significant financial stress were 13 times more likely to have a heart attack than those who had minimal or no stress.  Highlights Financial worries may raise heart attack risk by 13-fold The study included 106 people who had checked into a large public hospital in Johannesburg for a heart attack; The researchers also examined a control group of 106 healthy, age-, sex-, and race-matched participants. As much as 96 percent of those who had had a heart attack…

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Heart Healthy Habits: Doctors

   Highlights   45 Things Doctors Do to Protect Their Own Hearts     “I get 8 hours of sleep a night, every night.” “I schedule exercise.”  “I eat a Mediterranean diet.”  “I make time for my friends and loved ones.” “I meditate.” “I respect the power of blood pressure.” “I take care of my teeth”  “I keep a gratitude journal.” “I spend time in outdoors, in nature.”   Read More: Reader’s Digest Charlotte Hilton Andersen Dr. Parker’s Commentary As…

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The Positive Effect of Negative Emotions

Acknowledging the complexity of life may be an especially fruitful path to psychological well-being,    Highlights The Importance of Accepting Emotions as They Are Problems arise when people start believing they must be upbeat all the time. Experiencing and accepting all emotions are vital to our mental health. Attempting to suppress thoughts can backfire and even diminish our sense of contentment. “  As Adler and Hershfield reported in 2012, feeling cheerful and dejected at the same time—for example, “I feel…

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The Benefits of Anxiety

Women with generalized anxiety disorder got to the hospital 112 minutes, on average, following heart attack onset   Highlights Anxiety may help you to survive a heart attack Previous studies have suggested that anxiety can help people to make better decisions, to perform better under stressful circumstances, and to even lead a more healthful lifestyle overall. Those who are extremely anxious about their health are found to seek medical help more promptly after a heart attack, thus drastically improving their outlook. Women with generalized anxiety…

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